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Critical Race and Legal Theory

Secondary Sources

Secondary sources are books, journal articles, and reports that synthesize research findings and offer descriptions and theories about the data collected.  Textbooks address topics more broadly, while journal articles allow researchers to explore specific points in greater depth. New research builds on previous research. A review of the literature will help you identify:

  • Key authors
  • Key terms and concepts
  • Original Sources from footnotes and references


The following texts have been placed on reserve for this course. You can search reserve texts in the online catalogue reserve module.

You can search the Novanet catalogue for materials related to "critical race theory" and law. Several selected titles from Dalhousie's collection are below.

Journal Articles on Race and Law

Indices and Databases

The following periodical indices and databases can help you locate commentary on issues of race and law.

These digital repositories contain open access scholarly articles and working papers on various topics in law and society.

Tutorials: Searching for Articles in ICLL, LegalTrac, & ILP