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Help in how to find full text and citations for technical reports.

Citing Technical Reports

Citation Guidelines

Below is an example of how to cite a technical report in APA Style, 7th Edition. To verify the citation style required for your assignments, please review your assignment or speak with your instructor for further guidance

A technical report citation requires the following: the name of the author, date, the title of the report, the publication number, the publisher and, if available, the DOI or URL. 


Example of APA Style, 7th Ed.

Last Name: Gaster

First Initial: M.

Date: 2017

Title of Report: On the flow along swept leading edges

Publication Number: CoA/N/AERO -167

Publisher: College of Aeronautics 


Reference List Citation:

Gaster, M. (2017). On the flow along swept leading edges (Publication No. CoA/N/AERO-167). College of Aeronautics. DOI or URL


Full Citation Guide 

Please view Dalhousie University's full Citation Guide for other citation styles and a more in depth citation explanation.