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Quick Reference for the Health Sciences

Using E-resources off-campus

Dalhousie students, faculty and staff can access all electronic resources remotely, through the use of our proxy server, ezproxy.

You will need to log in to use the proxy. Your username and password are the same as your NetID. You may need to reset your password before using the proxy for the first time. 

Using the "Get it @ DAL" button will send you through the proxy in most cases. You can also try this bookmarklet to reload your current page through the proxy

The "Get it @ DAL" button

Limiting to online resources

When searching for articles or books using Novanet Primo, you can limit your search to resources available online.

After you search, look at the left hand side under "Show only" for "Full text online". This limits the results to articles which are available online, books with online editions, and other similar resources. 

Sometimes you may see resources that you cannot access. This could be due to searching all of Novanet, and finding results only available at other universities. To the right of your search bar, you can limit your search to Dalhousie libraries.

If you limit to both, it should look like this.

If you still cannot access the resource, please contact IT Services.