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Quick Reference for the Health Sciences

How to make a Vancouver citation

If you want to cite a journal article in Vancouver, you need the following pieces of information.

  • A list of authors with their last names and initials
  • The title of work
  • The title of the journal it was published in (in short form)
  • The information of the journal it was published in (Volume and number)
  • Start and end page numbers
  • The full date it was published
  • The DOI (document object identifier) if provided

For example...

Doe J, Day T. A Fake Title. J Fake. 2017 Jul 1;1(1):34-38. doi: f0a0k0e/j0urn4l

Doe J, Day T, Rowe R. A Second Fake Title. J Fake 2017 Aug 1;1(1):38-42. doi: f0a0k0e/j0urn5l

Citing in the Health Professions

Vancouver Style