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Quick Reference for the Health Sciences

Citing Resources from Databases

Citing a Mobile App

The following document explains how to cite information retrieved from mobile apps.


Citing an app in Vancouver Style:


Rightsholder. Title of app [Mobile application software]. (Version number). Location: Publisher. (Year). [Date accessed]. Retrieved from <download URL>.

Bundled Product Example: 

Unbound Medicine, Inc. Nursing Central [Mobile application software]. (Version 1.22) Charlottesville: Unbound Medicine, Inc. [Cited 2015 June 1]. Retrieved from <>.

Standalone Product Example:

Unbound Medicine, Inc.and Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. Manual of Clinical Oncology [Mobile application software]. (Version 1.1). Charlottesville: Unbound Medicine, Inc. (2014). [Cited 2015 June 1]/ Retrieved from <>