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RefWorks is a web-based citation manager that allows you to compile, edit, and format bibliographies by importing references directly from online databases or by entering them manually and inserting them into your finished paper in the citation style of your choice (eg. APA, MLA).

There is a New Refworks coming soon! Get more information on signing up, migrating over, and keeping two accounts here.


What RefWorks Can Do

RefWorks allows you to:

  • Create a citation database online by importing references from online databases, text files or manually typing them in.By using the Write-N-Cite Tool,
    • RefWorks interacts with MS Word to create formatted citations and bibliography as you write a paper. Make changes to your paper and reformat in seconds.
  • Import references from databases using Import Filters.
  • Format your reference list in formats like APA,Vancouver, MLA, etc.
  • Create folders to organization your citations.

RefWorks Search Features:

  • Use the "Search RefWorks" feature to search for a word, title, author, or journal name in your RefWorks database.
  • RefWorks 2.0 allows you to sort by Primary Authors, Publication year, Reference ID or Type, Article Title, Periodical Name or Abbreviation, the citation creation date, or the last modified date.
  • RefWorks Classic and 2.0 both have an Advanced Search feature allowing you to narrow your search to specific terms and fields.
  • Data providers like EBSCOhost, WorldCat (OCLC), ProQuest, and SFX provide a direct export link within their interface. This is an easy way for users to create citations within RefWorks.
  • RefWorks allows users to share their citations with others by providing them with editing or read only rights.

Creating a RefWorks Account

Getting started with RefWorks

As long as you are a Dalhousie student or faculty member you can Create a RefWorks account for free.



RefWorks Guides & Help

Dalhousie Resources

Visit the Dalhousie University Library's RefWorks Page for information and tutorials on RefWorks.