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Media Resources in Health Sciences

This guide provides access to health resources that are available as streaming video, as interactive online, or as stand alone DVD.

Understanding the subpages

Videos are divided into several skill areas, as well as by level. Refer to Mosby nursing skills by level for the skills divided into levels.

Vital signs and auscultation: Assessing pulse, heart rate, and monitoring the heart and lungs.

Personal care of patients: Helping make patients comfortable during a stay at a hospital. Especially relevant if they are unable to take care of themselves.

Medication administration: How to help patients take pills, and how to apply or give certain types of medication (e.g. nitroglycerine). 

Pre and post operative nursing: Assisting with recovery after surgery and certain pre-surgery procedures.

Safety and patient handling: Lifting patients in and out of bed, using tools to assist patients, and applying restraints.

Infection control: Hand cleaning, sanitation and proper disposal of contaminated goods.


Mosby is a publisher of textbooks. They published a variety of nursing skills textbooks and training videos. They were acquired by Elsevier in 2001.

These videos have been compiled from various textbooks and are available to download for Dal students.