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ENVS 1100 / 1200

A guide to library resources for ENVS 1100 / 1200

How to Find Articles on Your Topic

Use the databases listed in the box below to help you identify peer-reviewed journal articles, magazines articles, and reports related to environmental topics.

  • As an example, let's say you need articles about a contaminant, such as pyrethrin.
  • Click on a database name below to view its search screen.
  • Type in one or more search words. For example: pyrethrin
  • Click on the search button, and then scroll through the results to see if there are any relevant article titles.
  • You can click on an article title to see its abstract (brief summary) which gives information about the content.
  • When you have identified an article you like, click on the pdf, full-text, or Get it at Dal links to locate the full text of the article.
  • HINT: You may want to try to find a scientific review article (literature review) about your topic. Such articles provide an overview of a topic and may contain very good background information. You can sometimes identify such articles by adding the word "review" to the search. For example, you could type in: pyrethrin AND review

Use these Databases to Find Articles