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Resource & Environmental Studies

A guide to multidisciplinary information sources that relate to resource and environmental studies. For a business/management perspective, see the Business or Management research guides.

Scholarly Journals

The environmental research literature can be found in a wide range of scholarly journals. Scholarly journal articles on a topic can be identified by searching the databases listed under the Home/Databases tab in this guide. In many of the databases, the "Get it at Dal" link will lead you to the fulltext of the article.

Some of the journal issues may be available only in print (paper format), in one of the Dalhousie Libraries. A Novanet search for the journal title will help you to determine if the journal issue that you need is available at Dalhousie or at one of the other Novanet libraries.

If Dalhousie's Libraries do not have the journal issue and article that you need, you may wish to order the article from another Novanet library or via Document Delivery, a service which is offered free of charge to Dalhousie students and faculty.

Here are examples of just a few of the many journal titles which are likely to contain material of importance to environmental students and researchers:

Annual Reviews

In addition to the many online and print journals which contain review articles, the following publications are available online or in the Killam Library.

Proceedings of the Nova Scotian Institute of Science

Previously known as the Nova Scotian Institute of Natural Science, the Nova Scotian Institute of Science (NSIS) was founded in 1862; it is one of the oldest learned societies in Canada. Since 1863, the NSIS has published a scientific journal, now entitled The Proceedings of the Nova Scotian Institute of Science. Print volumes can be found in the Killam Library at call number: Q 21 N93 N9.

Most issues of the journal are available online at the links below: