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Resource & Environmental Studies

A guide to multidisciplinary information sources that relate to resource and environmental studies. For a business/management perspective, see the Business or Management research guides.

Reference Sources - Electronic

Reference Sources - Print

The following are examples of some of the relevant print sources that can be found in the Reference Room on the ground floor of the Killam Library:

Atlas of US & Canadian Environmental History Killam REF GF 503 A84 2003
Encyclopedia of Environment & Society (5 vol.) Killam REF HM 856 E53 2007
Encyclopedia of Environmental Ethics and Philosophy (2 vol.) Killam REF   GE 42 E533 2009
Encyclopedia of Forest Sciences (4 vol.) Killam REF  SD 126 E53 2004
Encyclopedia of Global Change Killam REF GE 149 E47 2002 
Encyclopedia of Global Environmental Change Killam REF  GE 149 E443 2002  
  Encyclopedia of World Environmental History Killam REF GF 10 E63 2004 
Water Encyclopedia (5 vol.) Killam REF  TD 345 L393 2005 
World Agriculture and the Environment Killam REF  S 589.75 C53 2004 
Yearbook of International Co-operation on Environment and Development
[Provides overviews of important international environmental treaties and agreements.]
Killam REF HC 79 E5 G69