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Public Administration Research Guide

Welcome! This guide will point you to research resources for a variety of public administration topics.

Registering with the Libraries for Distance services

As a registered Dalhousie distance student you first have to register your Banner ID card and the barcode on the bottom of it with the library before you can borrow material. This ensures that we have the correct address information for you. Go to Registration form

N.B. If you require a barcode to obtain library services, please phone the DalCard Office (902-494-2334) to obtain your barcode.

**On the form, click yes for a CAUL Card. A CAUL (Council of Atlantic University Libraries) card allows you to borrow from university libraries across Canada. Your CAUL card will be sent by mail. Read more about CAUL cards.

Off-campus Access to Library online resources

Proxy service

Dalhousie students, faculty and staff can access all library electronic resources remotely (at home, in your office, anywhere off-campus) via its proxy server.


A valid Dalhousie University Net ID provides you with full access to library electronic resources at home or anywhere off campus.

  • Only current faculty, staff or students with a valid Dalhousie NetID are entitled to use our remote access service. 


No setup or configuration is needed to access library resources off campus. You login to each library resource as if you were logging on to your Dalhousie mail or My.Dal

  • Click on the E-journal or database you want to use.
  • A login box pops up.
  • Enter your Dalhousie Net ID and password.
  • Secure off-campus access to licensed library resources over the Internet.

Requesting Items

1. Request a book or a copy of an article to be delivered to you:

Use this form  Document Delivery Request forms.

To Login to the Request Form

  • User Login = your library barcode number (2126...) on your Dalhousie ID card
  • Password = the last 4 digits of your phone number registered with the Dalhousie Libraries

Delivery of material

  • Items are delivered directly to you: articles electronically, loans via courier.
  • Restrictions outside Canada: Due to location, available delivery options or excessive cost, delivery of Dalhousie books may not be possible.
  • Delivery of non-Dalhousie books is not possible outside Canada.

Returning material

Dalhousie Libraries deliver material at no charge to distance students and faculty, but do not cover the cost of returning an item.

  • You are responsible for returning materials by the due date.
  • Use the return address label provided for you.
  • Do not remove the blue document delivery wrapper around an item.

2. Borrowing from a nearby Canadian university library: