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Costume Studies

A guide to Costume Studies

What is Reference?

Reference materials include dictionaries, encyclopedias, indexes, critical surveys, and other sources that can provide an introduction or clarification of basic ideas. These texts are located in the general library collection in the appropriate subject areas ( primarily in the GT section on the fourth floor).

Online Reference Resources

Grove Encyclopedia of Materials and Techniques in Art

This reference work provides historical and current uses of materials and techniques in a wide range of areas including techniques, history, and conservation of textiles.


Credo Reference: hosts 550 reference titles including

The Bridgeman Art Library ArchiveThe Thames & Hudson Dictionary of Fashion and Fashion Designersand The Cambridge Guide to Theatre

Use the search box below to do a general search, or the links above to search in a specific source.




OED Online: a historical dictionary tracing the English language over 1000 years. Use to discover historic definitions traced through quotations from sources like classical literature and film scripts.

Search Oxford English Dictionary