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Research Data Management

This guide is intended to assist researchers with data management and provide access to data management tools and services.

About the Dalhousie University Dataverse

Dalhousie University has a hosted version of Dataverse (v.4.10.1) for researchers to deposit and share data openly or privately. The data is hosted on Dalhousie's servers. The service is primarily for those affiliated with Dalhousie University. ThDataverse Project is open source research data repository software developed by the Institute for Quantitative Social Sciences (IQSS) at Harvard University.

What are some benefits of using Dataverse?

Dataverse allows you directly deposit data, share data either openly or privately and discover data. Dataverse can help you receive web visibility, academic credit and increased citation counts. It is also an option to help satisfy research data management plan requirements.


Users of the Dalhousie University Dataverse must abide by the Dalhousie University Dataverse Account Terms of Use when signing up for an account and using the platform. 

Contact Dalhousie University's Research Data Management Team at to get started.  

Dataverse & Datasets

What is a Dataverse?

A dataverse is a container for datasets (research data, code, documentation, and metadata) and other dataverses, which can be setup for individual researchers, departments, journals and organizations. It is also the name of the digital repository platform - for example: The Dalhousie University Dataverse. 

Dalhousie Libraries Research Data Management team can help you set up a Dataverse for your research and grant you administrator rights. As administrator, you can manage various settings such as themes and widgets, permissions, roles and access, guestbooks and more. 


What is a Dataset?

A dataset in Dataverse is a container for your data, documentation, code, and the metadata describing this Dataset.



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