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Mobile Access, Apps, and eBooks

Your guide to all things mobile in the library from offline ebook reading, to mobile optimized websites, apps and QR codes.

Mobile Access


Look for the icons to guide you towards useful tools

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This guide is intended to help you take advantage of library purchased content on your mobile device. 

There are a diversity of approaches for mobile access, which is reflected throughout this guide.  Mobile based services require different methods for authenticating users than traditional electronic products.  Authentication is the process of telling a third party content provider that you are a part of the Dalhousie community and have access rights to their content.  This is an evolving area for mobile content providers, so there are no hard and fast rules.

Please feel free to contact us if you encounter any problems with the instructions on any of the pages in this guide.

Mobile Devices Survey

What type of mobile device do you use?

Mobile Devices Survey
Smartphone (ex. Android, Blackberry, iPhone or other): 89 votes (64.03%)
Tablet or ereader (ex. iPad, Kobo, Kindle, Sony Reader, or other): 37 votes (26.62%)
Laptop: 9 votes (6.47%)
Cell phone (Non-smartphone device): 2 votes (1.44%)
I don't use a mobile device: 2 votes (1.44%)
Total Votes: 139

Kinds of Resources

eBooks are electronic versions of books available online through databases or eBook platforms, and offline through digital formats such as PDF, or as an ePUB that can be read on a mobile app.

Mobile sites are websites or online databases that have been formatted to be easy to use and read on your mobile device such as a Blackberry, Smartphone, or iPhone/iPod/iPad. 

Mobile apps are programs that can be downloaded onto your mobile device; they interface with the database or provide a way to read certain eBooks.

QR codes are black and white pixelated squares that link you to a website or online digital resource. Download a QR reader app, then scan the QR code with your mobile device.