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Government Documents

a pathfinder for finding government documents.

Library of Parliament

excellent place to start researching issues of current interest to Canadians

Finding gov docs




Parliamentary Gateway

Includes Debates (Hansard) and Journals of the Senate and the House of Commons. Available in hard copy under call numbers DOC 2FG X (House of Commons) and DOC 2FG Y (Senate) in the Government Documents Area on the second floor of the Killam Library.

ParlVu WebCast: live and archived streams of video and audio for the House of Commons proceedings, televised committees, and the audio of all public committees.

About Chamber Business offers useful descriptions of the various publications, and LEGISinfo,from the Library of Parliament, provides information about the legislative stages completed, as well as background, analysis and other general information on most bills. 

Committee Business (online from January 1994 to date) includes the minutes and proceedings of Standing, Special, Legislative, and Joint Committees. Committee business includes the consideration of Bills in order to report on same to the House of Commons and/or Senate. More background can be found at About Committee Business. The hard copy collection of the Committee publications can be found under call numbers DOC 2FG XC (House of Commons) and DOC 2FG YC (Senate).

A search and browse feature is now available for the House of Commons Debates (Hansard) and Committee Evidence from the start of the 39th Parliament --- the Journals were added for the 40th Parliament, Second Session.

NEW!    Historical Debates of the Parliament of Canada from 1867 to 1994 when coverage begins at the Parliamentary Gateway.

The Killam Library forwards the paper copies of all pending Bills to the Law Library where they are kept until they become law. Specifically, they are published in the "Assented to" Acts service, Part III of the Canada Gazette and the annual Statutes of Canada. See also the Consolidated Statutes and Regulations database on the Department of Justice for online, but unofficial, acts, regulation, and other legislative information.


Canada Gazette

·       1841-1997 searchable archive

Official newspaper of the Government of Canada, the Canada Gazette includes new statutes and regulations, proposed regulations, decisions of administrative boards and an assortment of federal government notices. The Killam Library forwards hard copies to the Law Library..

Part I notices, appointments, proposed regulations
Part II regulations and other statutory instruments
Part III proclamations of recent Public Acts 

Orders in Council database search from 1990

OICs from July 1, 1867 to 1910