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Centre for Learning and Teaching

A guide to provide teaching and learning support for academic staff, graduate students, and teaching assistants.

New Books


"The Book is intended for faculty integrating diversity into existing courses, and for anyone creating courses on diversity. The ideas and suggestions in the text can be incorporated into any class that includes a discussion of diversity issues or has a diverse student enrollment. The contributors offers pragmatic and tested ways of overcoming student misconceptions and resistance, and for managing emotional responses that can be arouse by the discussion of diversity."
(Back Cover) 


Welcome to the LibGuide for the Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT) at Dalhousie University.  We have compiled resources on the scholarship of learning and teaching for your convenience.  Please contact us if you have any questions, or if you would like to suggest a resource to add to the Guide. 

Questions: How To...

The CLT libguide is for the use of new/returning faculty, graduate students, and teaching assistants who desire to improve their knowledge and skills within the realm of higher education teaching and learning.  The staff at CLT encourage you to look at all the individual tabs located at the top of the page, and each tab has an assortment of resources (web links, videos, programs) specific to its subject matter.  

If you are looking for hard copy materials on teaching and learning, CLT has a resource library of roughly 600 books covering the topics including, but not limited to, assessment (of faculty and students), computer-assisted instruction, higher education (philosophy), and diversity. You can find the link to the CLT library by clicking here or clicking on the tab labeled "CLT Library Resources."

Upcoming Events

The Centre for Learning and Teaching hosts and supports various activities related to learning and teaching. Information about upcoming events is regularly updated and can be found on the CLT website