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Inclusiveness and Diversity


Ensuring an inclusive and diverse University is one of the significant planks in Dalhousie’s Strategic Direction.  These resource pages highlight some of the materials produced by other Canadian universities and celebrates the research published by our own Dalhousie scholars.  Enjoy!

Dalhousie's Commitment to Inclusiveness and Diversity

Dalhousie’s Strategic Direction includes a commitment to foster a culture of inclusiveness and diversity. In January 2015, a committee to advance this aspect of Dalhousie’s Strategic Direction was struck under Charter 5.2. 

Working in partnership with Senate, the committee will both proactively support an inclusive environment and focus on how we can better respond when members of our community experience the impact of misogyny, sexism, racism, heterosexism, ableism, socio-economic disadvantage, colonialism, ethnocentrism, sexualized violence, harassment and discrimination.


We are expecting two stages to our work under this Charter. In Phase 1, the committee will reach out to groups who have been engaged in this work, solicit input from individuals, and review reports and research produced at Dalhousie and at other Canadian universities. An implementation plan will be made public and presented at Senate at the conclusion of the phase.

Working groups

Phase 2 will see several working groups struck under Charter 5.2, each tasked with carrying out aspects of the implementation plan. These working groups will report regularly to Senate and the Dalhousie community.

We strongly encourage you to be part of our process. To provide the committee with your input, please share your thoughts online.

Online Resource

This resource page will include public reports produced by other universities and related groups in the last five years. We would also like to profile published work by Dalhousie faculty members that focuses on inclusion.