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eBooks @ the Dalhousie University Libraries

Overview of Common Platforms

Reading ebooks online (NetID authentication required)

Most ebooks can be read online using a laptop or desktop computer (this option uses an interface provided by the vendor).

Special considerations:

  • If you are a slow reader, or stop reading to take a break - the platform may time-out
  • If you cannot view an ebook - we may have only one or two copies and someone else may be using them
  • Accessing an ebook is possible when when other(s) are done and close their connection

Downloading ebooks (may require using Adobe software)

If this option is available, it allows you to read offline and prevents a time-out.

  • Some vendors require you to set up a free account in order to download (such as Adobe ID and MyEbsco)

  • Some ebooks can be downloaded as an unprotected PDF (requires Adobe Reader)

  • Most ebooks are available as a DRM-protected PDF, ACSM or ePUB file (these options require additional software)

  • Recommended software is Adobe's ADE which is free and can be used on PCs, Macs, and mobile devices (iOS & Android)

For some titles, you can download the entire book for 14 days, after installing ADE.

If all available copies are currently "checked out", you may place a hold on the title or view the book online.

Printing - Copying & Pasting

Expect limits on the number of pages you can print or copy and paste (these numbers are listed on the detailed screen)

Copyright Laws and our License with the vendor or publisher determines what these number are (usually 10%-20% of book)

Connect using your NetID (Dal authentication is required)

Before you begin, you must:

Click on EBSCO ebooks

  • Create a free account and [Sign In] whenever you want to download.


  • Email pages to be printed later.
  • Save searches, notes, and create RSS feeds to be alerted of new titles.

Printing & Downloading

Use [EPUB Full Text] to print or download a limited number of pages per eBook (limits are set by the publisher, usually 10%-20% of book).


For titles that say [Download This eBook] - you can download the entire book for 14 days.

Connect using your NetID (Dal authentication is required)

Before you begin, you must:

  • Install Adobe Reader in order to print and copy ebook content


  • Export citations to Refworks or Endnote
  • Use the 'Cite this book' icon to access citation information in common citation formats
  • Tiered access system--depending on the copyright associated with each title, access can be limited in three ways:
    • Dal Libraries - single-user
    • Dal Libraries - non-linear lending
    • Novanet - 3-user limit

Downloading, Printing & Copying

  • Able to download but only for the loan period (from 1 to 7 days).
  • Can print a limited number of pages (set at 20% of the book).
  • Are able to copy a limited number of pages (set at 5% of the book)