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Guide to Archival Research

A guide on using archival materials held in the University Archives

Browse the Archives Database by Geographic Location

Dalhousie University Archives Finding Aids

Finding aids describe the content and context of archival fonds and collections. Finding aids are descriptive inventories, which provide details about the history or biography of a creator, and also about the elements that make up the whole fonds (series, files, etc.). In some cases only preliminary inventories that provide description to the fonds or series level are available.

The Dalhousie University Archives collection may be accessed by searching a term or by browsing our finding aid index.

On the Archives Catalogue and Online Collections page you can browse search by title, names, subjects, geographical locations, and, digital objects [coming soon].    

Geograhical locations browing - Geographical locations are assigned based to the importance of place in describing the archival material.  Below are directions on conducting a search by browsing a list of Geographical locations (Places)

Geographical locations may also be used as a filter in a Browse Subject search.

Geographical keyword searching

Once a geographical location heading is known, then a "Places" keyword seach can be completed. The Places keyword search box is located at the top of the search page. This search will return a list of all geographical location heading present in the index.

Browse by Geographical locations - Example of a search

Would the Archives have any materials that mentions Bridgetown, Nova Scotia? We will look for "Bridgetown" in the Browse by: Geographical locations

Under the Browse by list, click on “Geographical locations”

2. The "Browse Places" list, located on the left side of the screen, is made up of a list of graphical locations.

When you look at the bottom of the Places box there is a grey button with three dots on it. By clicking on the button the list expands.The button will disappear when you have reached the end of the Places list. Alternatively you can use the scroll bar to progress through the list.associated with the place.

The resulting list for Bridgetown, Nova Scotia, found only one geographical location.Click on the term Bridgetown (N.S.) below for the list of records 

Examples - Search results for the place Bridgewater

In our search example for any material that mentions Bridgetown, Nova Scotia, we have found two records.