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Sentence Structure

Last updated June 4, 2019 by Kate Power, Dalhousie Writing Centre

A run-on sentence is a sentence that contains two independent clauses that are not separated by appropriate punctuation. A comma splice is a type of run-on sentence in which two independent clauses are joined by a comma. For more information on how to spot, avoid, or correct a run-on sentence, please see the following documents: 

Last Updated June 5, 2019 by Kate Power, Dalhousie Writing Centre

Parallel structure involves using a consistent pattern of words when:

  • providing a list of ideas or examples
  • showing that two arguments have a similar level of importance
  • highlighting the difference(s) between two arguments 

For more details on parallel structure, please visit this guide from the Purdue Online Writing Lab:

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Parts of Speech

Kinds of Verbs

Verb Tense

Verb Agreement

Last updated June 5, 2019 with contributions from Kate Power, Dalhousie Writing Centre

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Online Grammar Resources

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