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Guidelines for Writing Lab Reports

The attached set of guidelines for writing laboratory reports in Aquaculture was developed by Dr. Jim Duston of the Department of Plant and Animal Sciences in the Faculty of Agriculture at Dalhousie University. Dr. Duston developed these guidelines for his courses based on his experience in writing papers for a range of journals. These guidelines provide an excellent summary of the main elements of a laboratory report and what should be included in each element.

As with many courses, some of the instructions are fairly specific to Biology 3005 and 3006, and reflect common practices in the field, as denoted by the comment “Course specific” in the annotated copy. The annotated copy also offers clarification on some of the guidelines, as well as links to additional resources to help you with your writing. As for all assignments, be sure to follow the instructions you have been given for your particular course and to clarify any concerns with your instructor or TA.

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