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Writing Centre Resource Guide


Dalhousie University's overview of Academic Integrity

For Dal's overview of Academic Integrity, discussion of plagiarism & cheating, student resources, and policies, please visit the  University Secretariat Academic Integrity page.

Incorporating Source Material

The following two documents describe how to effectively incorporate the work of other scholars into your academic writing.

Need Help with Documentation?

For help with documentation styles, please visit our Citation page.

Plagiarism Rap

This 2014 Youtube video was created by the University of Alberta. Featuring Edmonton rappers Mitchmatic and Mikey Maybe, it weaves together quotations from pop culture & literary sources -- and cites them, showing you where they're originally from. See their other videos as well, Acceptable/Unacceptable and Cheating.

How to Avoid Plagiarism

Very often, the purpose of academic writing is to build on and react to the knowledge of previous scholars.  However, it is important to distinguish own original thought, from the ideas, theories, and concepts that have come from other writers. The box below entitled "Incorporating Source Material" describes how to do this effectively.

If a student includes content from another author and does not cite the source of our information, if they ask or pay someone else to write a paper for them, or if a student submits the same paper for academic credit in two different courses, they will face a charge of plagiarism.  This is an offense that the university takes very seriously.  Below you will find resources that discuss this very important topic.