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Have you arrived at Dalhousie having studied intensively for the English proficiency test required by Canadian universities? Or have you graduated from a Canadian high school but still experience issues with English as a second language? If you have been admitted to Dalhousie, you have acquired sufficient skills and language proficiency to use the skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking in daily life. However, you may not feel comfortable with the challenges you face in learning at an English language university. At Dalhousie, you may have to listen to classroom lectures, and the instructor may move quickly through complex material. The instructor may have an accent or a speaking style that is unfamiliar. Perhaps you are unaccustomed to the level of student participation expected at Dalhousie. One of your biggest challenges may be in learning to write academic texts.

The Writing Centre is committed to helping you continue to learn English and to develop the academic skills you need for success at Dalhousie. When you arrive at university, you may feel comfortable with your level of English, but academic standards are much different from the standards required in daily English. The pages in this guide are designed to help you meet these academic standards. 

Common Grammar Concerns

Advice for the Improvement of your English

Useful Websites for English Language Learners

Academic Writing Handbook

Resources for Academic Writing

Writing in an academic setting is different from writing in High School or professional settings.  Academic writing relies heavily on evidence drawn from research into the findings of other scholars.

Presentations on Academic Writing

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