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Information Management (MI)

Welcome! This guide will point you to research resources for a variety of information management topics.

Media sources

(a) Using Dalhousie's magazine and news subscriptions:

1. Begin in the Dal Libraries homepage

2. Select "Ejournals" from the dropdown menu. Type in the name of the news source (for example, Maclean's), and click the search button.

3. Select the title of the news source you are looking for.

4. Click the green GO button to access and browse through the issues.

Or (b) via a Google site search:

1. Determine the URL of the media source you would like to search (example:

2. Determine the keywords for your search (example: dunkley human rights)

3. Construct a site search on Google. Example: dunkley human rights


News aggregators:

For current topics, news aggregators are good sources to find headlines, blog posts, and videos.

Google Web Search