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A Guide to Architecture

What is Open Access?

Open access promotes broader access to academic research by scholars, students, professionals and the general public. 

The concept of open access continues to evolve, but in general, it means that works such as peer-reviewed journal articles, graduate theses, data, or other types of scholarly information are made available free of charge, immediately (no publisher delay or embargo), and in a permanently accessible, online format. 

For more information on open access, see some of the links below:

Find Open Access Versions of Articles

Many articles published in subscription journals are also available in institutional and disciplinary repositories, free of charge. Instant access to many articles is available through the following services:

  • oaDOI - Simply enter a DOI and see if the paywall article is also available in an OA repository.
  • Unpaywall - Install this Firefox or Chrome compatible plugin to add the Unpaywall tab to your web browser and find paywall articles in OA repositories.

Open Access Explained