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Research Bootcamp for Research Assistants & Teaching Assistants

Literature reviews, library research, information management and more.

Research Bootcamp 2019 is finished! See you in 2020!

Registration FAQs

Q: How much does Research Bootcamp cost? A: Nothing! The Bootcamp sessions are free.
Q: Who can attend the Research Bootcamp? A: The Bootcamp is geared toward Dalhousie research assistants and teaching assistants. However, it is open to any graduate students at Dalhousie.
Q: Do I have to be a Dal student to attend? A: The Bootcamp is open to Dal students, but faculty are welcome to attend as well!
Q: Can faculty attend the Research Bootcamp? A: Yes!
Q: Who teaches at the Research Bootcamp? A: The sessions are taught by Dalhousie librarians and Writing Centre staff.
Q: I'm an undergraduate student or a law student. Can I attend? A: Yes! 
Q: Can Dalhousie staff attend? A: Yes!