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Kellogg on the Move

This Libguide is a place for staff to share information about our upcoming moves


Welcome to our Kellogg Moves Libguide. 

The Move Co-oridinating Group is made up of Ann, Jan, Carol and Patrick.  We have set up a listserv and this libguide so that we can keep you up to date on what is happening as events progress.

Have a look around and make suggestions of things you would like to see added to the guide.

Stay tuned!

Welcome to the Kellogg

Kellogg on the Move Video


A KELLOGG MOVES: FAQ has been created to share with out users and helps staff answer questions the often crop up. We will revised this FAQ as time goes on. Click on the links at the bottom of this box to open the full FAQ in either Word or PDF. Send suggestions for new questions on to Nadine.