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FASS First Year Seminars - 2015

This guide provides information resources for students registered in ASSC 1200: First Year Seminars

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These tutorials will help you find books using Novanet or WorldCat. Our full list of tutorials includes advanced searching options and searching for articles in databases.

Getting Started - Researching



Getting Started - Writing

Writing Resources

Video Tutorials: Writing A Research Paper Parts 1 and 2

Evaluating Your Information

Not all information is good information. Sometimes it's easy to clue in to questionable information on websites, for example, the Collapse of Target Field or the Banning of DHMO, but you should always be questioning the information you use!

Use these resources to help you determine whether you're using credible sources for your paper.

Citation Guides (APA and MLA)

Academic Integrity

Having academic integrity involves being honest, respectful, fair, and responsible in your academic life. Academic integrity can be violated in a number of ways:

  • Plagiarism: pretending that another person's words or ideas are your own
  • Fabrication: making up false claims, research results, etc.
  • Facilitation: helping or allowing another student to cheat, plagiarize, or fabricate
  • Collusion: completing as a group an assignment that was intended to be done individually


These tutorials cover Academic Integrity and the APA and MLA styles, respectively.

APA Style: Academic IntegrityMLA Style: Academic Integrity

       APA version                    MLA version