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Register now for the 4th annual Dalhousie Libraries Research Bootcamp! Bootcamp sessions are free to Dalhousie graduate students.

Sessions will run from May 14-June 6 and will cover library basics; literature reviews (searching & writing); citation tools; writing abstracts & grant proposals; copyright, open access & academic publishing; legal resources; engineering resources; Pubmed & other health sciences databases; humanities resources; Canadian data & stats; grey literature; research data management; Excel; data visualization; conference posters.

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Bioethics defined

The modern field of bioethics emerged in the 1950's and 1960's and represents a radical transformation of the much older, and traditional domain of medical ethics. The Dalhousie Department of Bioethics defines bioethics as the "critical analysis of emerging moral issues in health". A good overview is presented in the section " "Bioethics" in the Encyclopedia of Bioethics. 3rd ed. New York: Macmillan Reference USA, 2004. p278-287.


The term "bioethics" was first used by the biologist Van Rensselaer Potter (Potter, Van Rensselaer. Bioethics: bridge to the future. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall, 1971. DALKIL QH 333 P66). Potter used the term to refer to a new field devoted to human survival and an improved quality of life. Gradually, the term "bioethics" came to refer to "the broad terrain of the moral problems of the life sciences, ordinarily taken to encompass medicine, biology, and some important aspects of the environmental, population and social sciences. The traditional domain of medical ethics would be included within this array, accompanied now by many other topics and problems." (Encyclopedia of Bioethics. 1995. p. 250)

Core bioethics and related social science journals in PubMed

1) Run this search in PubMed by clicking this link:

        Bioethics Journals Subset in PubMed as selected by Dr. Lynette Reid

The resulting set will list the citations of all articles from the following set of journals in one sequence:

American Journal of Bioethics


Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics

Journal of Medical Ethics

Journal of Clinical Ethics

Hastings Center Report

Health Law Journal (Canada)

Health Law Review (Canada)

Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal

Medical Anthropology Quarterly

Social Science and Medicine

Sociology of Health and Illness





Annals of Internal Medicine



2) Run your topic search(es) in PubMed


3) Go to search history in PubMed and combine the journal set with your topic set  (e.g. #1 and #2)


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